The Elephant in the Room is... with Toucan Rescue Ranch!

The Elephant in the Room
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In this Live recording we are treated to the most incredible visual and audible animal insights, LIVE from Costa Rica.

Our guide Andrea is just the most wonderful, enthusiastic individual who is literally bursting with extraordinary facts about the animals and about the organisation itself. Honestly, she brings so much fascinating information to the drawing party that sometimes it can be quite hard to remember to draw!

We drew, sloths, toucans, owls, tamandua, maccaws and so much more (and mostly very quickly!). Apart from sleepy sloths, the animals are often moving about but you can pause the video, or slow the play speed to suit.

This is a live recording on a hand-held mobile device so if you prefer your footage super still then this might not be for you. There's so much to draw if you keep your pencil moving and there is lots of lovely chat to listen to and learn from.

If you are sharing on social media, please tag @animallifedrawing and @toucanrescueranch as we'd love to see what you've created!

**This is a video rental for streaming only. Once you purchase you have 30days to view and 72hrs once you have pressed play. This video had no sound.


Video Streaming of animals for Drawing Purposes with audio plus supporting photographs.

1.3 GB
111 minutes
640 x 360 px

The Elephant in the Room is... with Toucan Rescue Ranch!

0 ratings