The Elephant in the Room is...Klip Klop & Friends

The Elephant in the Room
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If you are looking for a fantastic way to stretch your observational skills then look no further! This video is jam-packed with glorious horses for you to enjoy drawing, both moving, and still!

The first two 'poses' are run with a split screen to share a tutorial of how I might go about tackling drawing. You'll see the reference and my drawing in action, there is also audio at during these so volume on!

For some added challenge or indeed, brilliant reference, there is imagery of horse and rider which you can choose to embrace...or just imagine the person isn't there if you fancy! Anything goes during a Replay!!

All photos & videos are set to visible onscreen timers

**This is a video rental for streaming only. Once you purchase you have 30days to view and 72hrs once you have pressed play. This video had no sound.


Video Streaming of animals for Drawing Purposes with audio.

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The Elephant in the Room is...Klip Klop & Friends

0 ratings