The Elephant in the Room is... Pawfect Pets!

The Elephant in the Room
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This is a partially guided session drawing the gorgeous fur-family of rescue pets of the wonderful @bethspencerart.

The original session was filmed with a split screen showing my drawing board and Beth's animals at the same time whilst I chatted through my process of observational drawing AND illustrative drawing.

However! The Zoom gods were not kind to us and only the audio was recorded!! (Cue sweary words).

Being the wonderful soul she is, Beth offered to rerecord her animals and help to match up the audio - what a superstar! I redrew along to the new visuals and have placed it on top of the reference imaging with timers. PLEASE NOTE though that the audio will not match the drawing visuals!

I think you still get all the benefits of creative insight and gorgeous reference imagery to make fore another thoroughly enjoyable drawing session!


If you are sharing on social media, please tag @animallifedrawing & @bethspencerart as we'd love to see what you've created!

**This is a video rental for streaming only. Once you purchase you have 30days to view and 72hrs once you have pressed play. This video had no sound.


Video Streaming of animals for Drawing Purposes with audio plus supporting photographs.

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118 minutes

The Elephant in the Room is... Pawfect Pets!

0 ratings